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LiquidCompass has built the largest and most accurate database of healthcare job openings anywhere.
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Groundbreaking marketplace intelligence for healthcare employers.

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Groundbreaking marketplace intelligence for healthcare employers.



GPS for the healthcare job marketplace.

LiquidCompass helps healthcare employers and staffing agencies navigate their markets like never before.

Our Market GPSTM technology takes raw job postings and other healthcare workforce supply and demand data from across the US and does incredible things with it to provide employers and staffing agencies with key insights, metrics, and intelligence that helps them accomplish mission critical goals.


With one glance at our key metrics, you will know what you need to know about the market for each healthcare position being recruited. Locally and nationally.



Our realtime market intelligence reports and tools help employers and agencies identify opportunities and set key strategies toward accomplishing their goals.


Our relentless focus on precision is the difference between information and real results for our users. We are on a mission to get you where you want to go.

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Help your students find the perfect job.

Your students have worked hard. They shouldn’t have to work hard to find the exact right job. LiquidCompass helps universities and other clinical educators help their students get where they want to go.


Get ready for the Fall 2015 job search now.

LiquidCompass can help your students find the healthcare employers who are looking for them today. Tomorrow. And the next day. In your market. Or any market.